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Mobile + Web Innovators

Social Media Analytics: A tool that tracks progress on social media and gives insight on the efforts made through posting.

Custom Media Ad Pack: Custom built images, including banners and advertisements, that directly market your website on your social media platforms.

Keyword/Hashtag Campaign: A tool utilized to assist with keyword searches on social media and the incorporation of hashtags when posting to increase visibility on all social media platforms.

Custom GIF: Stands for graphics interchange format, which is a visual graphics file used for marketing and advertising on social media platforms to draw customers to the website.

Custom Social Media Content: Customized stories and/or social media posts relating to products, collections, and branding on the website.

QR Code: A QR code (quick response code) is an image file that acts as a direct link to a website when processed by a mobile device or QR code reader.

Video: The commercial/marketing video will be used mostly for video marketing on YouTube (Second largest search engine in the world) but will also be used in accordance with social media. The 30-60 second commercial is fully custom and geared around specific products and website.

Press Release: An announcement about the website and it’s relevancy to the online products it sells. The press release creates credibility as well as direct exposure on search engines.

Custom Blogs: Our writers customize blog articles that are 100% unique and will keep people not only engaged in the product line the website is selling, but also help increase rankings on search engines.

Website: Custom websites are niche specific online shops, on a secured platform.  Designs are specifically created for a customized brand, business, or product. They are uniquely tailored for the targeted audience. Colors, fonts, and layouts are considered from square one and can be developed knowing entirely how it will enhance the online brand.  They are user friendly and easy to navigate, making online shopping simple and fun.

eChannel: Additional sales channels that are directly connected to your website. This allows your products to be sold on multiple platforms and increases your presence online. All additional channels are integrated through the back-end of your website, so publishing products to the additional channels and fulfilling orders is simple and convenient.

Marketing Packages: Welcome
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